Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello again

I seemed to take an unintentional blogging break.

It was like Tax season ended and life got nuts!

In my head I guess I was all "I have my hubby back, lets do all the things!"

Lets see.... what HAS happened in the Gilmore household...

Emily started walking.

We are still in the "crawling is faster, but I will try to walk for a bit" phase...

But it made me realize how much she is NOT my little baby anymore.

1st birthday is next Thursday?!

Birthday party this weekend!?

She is starting to mimic words/sounds

mimic everything we do  - trying to take her clothes off, put shoes on, daddy's "magic" tricks...

and even showing jealousy when I have Leah in my lap.

Emily will come right over and try to wedge herself between Leah and I.

Then she starts pushing Leah away.


Brian officially LEFT public accounting!

No more tax seasons!!!!!!

His new job is an easier commute, great company, and fabulous benefits!

Its already been amazing to have him home sometimes before I get home with the girls, or by 5:30.

Help watching the girls while I make dinner, family walks, help with baths and bedtime...

So nice!


I failed my FA....

And I already took it again...

awaiting results.


Hatred of the SOA is all I have right now.

I am also trying to get back into the swing of studying for an exam...

Im struggling a bit.

But work paid study time begins next week and will be occurring weekly so hopefully that will get me back in the swing of things.

Good bye any sort of hobbies other than studying for the next 5 months...

But I will probably have a cleaner house.

There is that weird "I'd rather clean than study" anxiety thing that comes over my...


I am still running and working out though.

Aiming for more strength training than running.

I can tell its working.

Last week I think I received 3 separate comments of looking smaller and "whittling away"...

Not that its my goal.

But I am seeing changes in my body which is nice.

I am planning on getting my body fat measured again next week for a check in to see my progress.

Stayed tuned for the numbers.


Oh and we went on vacation!

It was awesome to have a week with the girls.

Vacations may be exhausting but so worth it to see how much fun they had!

Leah and Emily both LOVE the water.

It will be a fun summer.

And now for the pictures...

about 15 minutes after we arrived. 

kicking over my sand castle! 

Emily's first time in the ocean

sand in the mouth

do not take 2 little girls to a nice dinner, even if you get to sit outside... not fun at all!  This picture shows the disinterest in Leah and Emily...
My wonderful in laws. 

Leah flying a kite might have been the cutest thing ever. 

Can't wait to go back.... 

See ya next year Florida! 

(my family is planning to all head down there for my grandma's 80th b-day party! 30 family members all hanging out on the beach together!? I cannot wait!)


  1. That does it... Now that I saw these pictures, I am going to Florida!!!

  2. YAY - great pics and you DO look awesome. Also I am locked and loaded for the race on the 16th. YAY.

  3. Lots of updates!!!

    1) when my hubby quit his law firm job and went in-house at a bank, it was amazing! I'm glad you are getting to enjoy that!

    2) you look amazing!

    3) it loos like your beach trip was awesome!!

  4. I want the beach!!!!!! Loved your pics!! cant wait to see birthday party pics!!!!

    I am coming to town june 21st so you must take a small break for meeeee

  5. Wow lots of updates!! Love the beach pictures!

  6. Love the pictures!!!
    And thanks for the updates....I'd wondered where you went!! :)
    Sorry about your test!



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