Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sometimes I Amaze Myself...

Yes we are back from vacation.
Yes Emily turned 11 months old.
Yes we have some exciting news in our household...
But that will all have to wait.
I have to share my funny story....
Summertime is right around the corner.
We typically have taken Leah out of daycare a few days a week so that she can spend more time with her grandparents and enjoy some summertime activties.
Today I was emailing the director and finally found out how much we will be paying for the girls to only attend 3 days a week for 9 weeks.
I had to pass the news on to Brian of course.
Here is the serious of emails:
Director:  The new rate would be $295.40 ($173 for Emily and $122.40 for Leah-this includes the 10% family discount on Leah's tuition). 
Me to Brian: So we will save 76.10 a week... for 9 weeks...  = 684.90.  Sounds good to me!
Brian: Huh, don't we pay like $423 a week now?
Me to Brian: 419.30... plus that weird 4 dollars a month fee.  I think it dropped like 30 dollars a week taking her out last summer for 3 days a week... so this makes sense to me... saving 76... Emily costs a little more so dropping her to 3 days a week saves a little more.   Remember there is 2 of them!   right now we pay 83 a day (ouch!) but taking them out 2 days... hmmm maybe this is the 'legends" 3 days a week pricing? I dont know!
Me to Brian again: bah! I just realized that 419 - 295 does not equal 76! hahahahahahahah  so we save 124 a week! silly me!   Someone should take my degree away from me huh!?
Yep... I have an Applied Mathematics & Statistics degree....

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