Thursday, April 25, 2013

Body After Baby: Reality Check

Last week I wrote THIS post.

I talked about how good I was feeling in my current Body.

How my results of my body fat % were in a pretty good place.

How I was just content and happy.

This week I was hit with a little reality slap in the face.

Originally Michael, the trainer, just measured my body fat with the hand held electronic device.

It gave me the 23% happy number.

He then gave a talk about how each time you use that thing it will give you a different result.

Basically it tries to “send a pulse thru your body to measure your body fat.”

Lets think about that for a minute….

I should never trust a “pulse” thru my body in regards to something I am holding!

Anywho, we decided that we would use the “pinch” method for a much more accurate reading.

Basically the pinch test takes measurements from your bicep, tricep, stomach, and back to determine your body fat % thru some calculations.

Obviously much more accurate.

You can’t pinch/grab muscle…

Fat, yes!

But…Bicep, Tricep, stomach & back!?

Hello, my trouble spots for sure!

Yesterday Michael sent me my pinch results along with a game plan.

I saw a new body fat % that will HAUNT me!

Side note… these “Hauntings” definitely motivate me.

My mom once made the comment that she now, at age 58, weights the same she did when she was 40 weeks pregnant.

My mom is not big by any means so no big deal…

I know she never gained much weight when she was pregnant and she started out really small.

Lucky girl!

For me… the weight I saw when I came home from the hospital HAUNTS me.

I will NEVER EVER EVER weight that much again unless I have just gave birth.

I feel the exact same way right now with this body fat % number.

I have started a 10 month long habit of being healthier that will continue.

Now lets discuss my measurements.

(these are just what the pincher said… not %s or inches or anything… the larger the number the larger body fat % though obviously)

Bicep = 25.3
Tricep = 31
Back = 15
Stomach = 19.3

So shocking enough, although I thought my stomach was my worst area…


Then I saw what these measurements equate too…

34.8% body fat


Haunting me!

Yes, I may have a normal/healthy BMI.

Yes, I may be able to fit into size 6 dresses now!

But I am fatty!

Or… just non-muscular.

I WILL lower that number.

We are measuring again in 6 weeks.

Each time I am tired and want to stop whatever exercise I am doing, I think of that horrid number.

My first 6 week goal is to get to 30%.

Then we will head down to that 20-25% recommended for my age range.

It made me think some more about my size…

You always see these pictures of how a lb of fat takes up so much more room than a lb of muscle.

If I have so much fat to spare and change into muscle…

How small could I actually get?

I don’t mean to say that in an anorexic, gross way...

I am just being serious and curious.

If I have almost 10% of body fat to lose ideally…

What on earth will I be looking like!?!

This all just really intrigues me…

I guess we will just see.


  1. Love you Kim... and that dress is PERFECT for you - you look great... Sometimes we can fixate on where "they say we should be or numbers, percentages" - but in the end - how do you feel? It is all in how WE feel about ourselves. I adore you and you are an amazing woman.

  2. I'm super behind on my blog reading so I'm just getting to this post!
    If that's your body fat percentage...I don't wanna know what mine is!!!
    Although, I really do!
    I might have to look into going somewhere that would measure (pinch) all those areas to see where I'm at. I definitely want to tone up!!
    Will be excited to read about your results and probably will motivate me to take action in the very same thing!!
    And you look GREAT in that dress, girl!!



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