Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Like Her Momma - Tball

This past Saturday Leah finally started Tball!

It should have started a few weeks ago but the weather never cooperated.

Putting a little kid in an origanized activty, where you pay for them to participate, is always scary.

What if they refuse to participate?

What if they hate it?

You just never know!

Leah curretly participates in soccer & dance at her school.

She gets taken out of class and does her special activity during school hours.

I have never gotten to see her do these activities but have heard that she is great at listening and participating.

I was excited that for Tball I would finally get to see her in action!
She didnt disappoint!  She was eager to get out there, stand near her coaches, and get started.

There are very few girls...

And see that boy on the far left in the yellow... he is the little boy of a girl I grew up playing soccer with... Oh the circle of life!

Ground balls.... yep, didnt get that one...

She actually caught this ball!!


She has a great arm... but always wants to stand so close to you to throw it.... You need to watch out! It can hurt ya!

Could she be any cuter!?

She was obsessed with wearing the batting helmet and would not take it off...

Oh and her shirt says "My heart belongs in the game!"

What you dont see from these pictures is how she is just like her momma...

A little history on me...

I grew up playing softball.

I was a pitcher.

When you are the pitcher you are constantly busy.  Always in on the action.

I also was a power hitter. 

Starting in 5th grade teams would intionally walk me...

BORING for a little kid!

I understand it is part of the game, but come on! Let a kid hit!

In 6th grade I threw a wild pitch, went to cover home because a girl was stealing, went to tag her out, she did not slide, & fell on top of me.

I fell on top of the ball in my glove...

The girl was out, but it crushed my thumb on my left hand and I ended up with surgery and 3 pins in my thumb.

The years following I gave up pitching and played 3rd base.

Throw in always getting walked and rarely the chance to bat...

And softball became awfully boring to me!

I survived thru my freshman year of highschool, but soon decided to give it up.

Now back to Leah...

The girl did awesome at listening to her coach.

She always wanted to be one of the first ones to take a ground ball, try to catch a "pop fly", bat, and throw with her coach...

But once her turn was up and she had to wait while her teammates took a turn she was BORED!

Playing in the dirt.

Running around.

Drink breaks.

Trying to get me to let her go play on the playground...

Kicking the ball like she is at soccer...

That is when I realized she is alot like her momma...

She enjoys the game... but only when she is in the action!

We might just have to make her a pitcher or Brian's dreams of his little softball star might be crushed!


  1. Could she be any cuter! Where are you guys playing t-ball? I can't wait until Brady is old enough to play. Molly has no interest, so I am not pushing it.

  2. I die. SO FFLIPPING CUTE! You must take video!



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