Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making the House Pretty

Our house is only 18 months old...

Actually 17.5 if you want to get technical.

You would think that a brand new house would leave you with little to do in regards to expensive projects...


We did not want a massive mortgage when we built this house so we stuck to upgrading more structural items rather than the pretty things.

We would add the unnecessary fun items as we saved up for them.

Last year Brian got to finish the basement (about 80% done)

This year it was time for me to finally get some of my items I had been wanting done!

Backsplash in the kitchen.

Tiling in our master bath.

And my favorite, board and batten in the office!

Now for the pictures...

The Kitchen 



I think it brings out some of the color in the granite.  This was such a hard decision on deciding what to do in here because of our cabinet, counters, and floor color, while not spending too too much... I think it came out nicely. 

Our cabinets are actually not as yellow looking as the look in these pictures... they are a bit more brown in person... they have a coco glace to them. 

The Master Bathroom:



Tiling in here was necessary since Leah loves to take baths in here and gets water EVERYWHERE! And I have a magic ability to get my makeup on the walls as well... hopefully this will do the trick! 

I love it! 

The Office: 



I have been wanting this FOREVER! I am so glad I finally got to do it!  Brian thinks its weird.... luckily he is beginning to let me do more of what I want to the house (as long as I do not touch his basement) so I cannot wait to put more board and batten all over the house!  

I think trim work, in a nice crisp white, does amazing things to a house! 

I already have my next few house projects planned in my head...

Finally getting the laundry room together with cabinets and such...

And more board and batten!

Now I just need to be good and stay under budget so Brian will let it happen sooner rather than later....

***Everything was done by Partney Remodeling.  If you are in the St. Louis area check 'em out!


  1. I love the batten, it looks amazing!

  2. You did awesome!! We have been doing stuff to our house little by little too. One day we will be done :)

  3. I never would have guessed that tile would make that big of a difference! It looks awesome!!



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