Monday, April 8, 2013

Go St. Louis Half - April 7 2013

The big first race has come and gone.

The 4:30 am wake up call came early.

I definitely thought about how staying in bed sounded like alot more fun than running...

But up I got...

Ready to run with  thousands of fellow runners. 

My office is down town, 1 street over from the starting/ending point of the race.

Turns out my office parking garage = VIP parking.

Me being an employee = free VIP parking rather than $25!!


A quick picture before heading to our corrals. 

Waiting to start... the sun rising on the Arch. 

I found my pacer!   My plan was to stay slightly ahead of the pacer... 

The entire race I had such a wide variety of emotions and thoughts...

"OMG, I am running a half marathon!"

"Holy cow, it really is crowded!  This is ALOT of people!"

"This is awesome!  I feel great!"

"Oh crap, Im going really fast.... "

"Im still breathing well though... I am going to totally make 2 hours!"

"Oh, I love seeing everyone cheering on their loved ones... I wish Brian and the girls were here... "

"Holly Hill... 2 straight miles of incline...I can do this."

"That wasnt so bad..."

"Oh, 8 miles in, Im not feeling so hot... legs are TIGHT, my feet hurt. Where is the darn water stations!?"

"Let me just walk for a few seconds to catch my breath and regain my composure..."

"Oh finally a water station... I will walk while I drink my waters"

"Oh crap! There goes my pacer!"

"Ok, caught up to the pacer... Oh man, I cannot keep up at this pace. My legs are sooooo heavy!"

"Yep, this isnt going to happen... "

"Let me check my overall time..."

"A 5k left to go, 30 minutes to 2 hours... and Im dead..."

"Ug, another hill.... I must walk again..."

"This half marathon thing is miserable! I am never doing another one again!!  I should really stick to 5k, 5 miles & 10ks!"

"Well, there goes my 2 hour goal.... not going to make it."

"A ramp/hill!? I am walking it, so what if there is only 1.5 miles left!"

"And I can see the finish line!!! Im just over 2 hours... That is still great... I just have to get there and I can stop moving!"

"OMG, we are 10 yards from the finish line and a guys legs just gave out and he went down!  Do I stop!? But the finish line is RIGHT THERE!  Medics are coming, I am finishing this darn thing!"

"Oh, must stop my watch!  2:04.... "


So my thoughts on the half... 

If you asked me yesterday I was not very happy with the whole race event, it just wasnt what I had hoped... but today, I look back and have a much better outlook on it. 

Definitely never doing a full marathon...that is definitely a cruel form of torture! 

Although I did not meet my goal, I am still darn proud of my 2:04, 9:25 pace. 

And because I did not meet my goal... 

I think I WILL be signing up for the MO Cowbell half in the fall... 

Hopefully by then I can learn to start off slower and go strong the entire time... 

I do have awesome support... 

Brian's aunt Christine and cousin Beth came in from Columbia to come watch Kelly and I!  

We were completely shocked to see them and so excited!!! 

And my running buddy, role model, and awesome friend Heather surprised me by decorating my driveway in sidewalk chalk, balloons on the mailbox, and wine when I came home.  

Part of me thinks she is just trying to buttery me up so I will do a full marathon with her... 

But then again, that is just the awesome person that she is! 

And now for the splits... 

Keep in mind ... a pace of 9:10 will get you in a 2 hours. 

Mile 1 = 8:34
Mile 2 = 8:57
Mile 3 = 9:01
Mile 4 = 8:42
Mile 5 = 8:58
Mile 6 = 9:03
Mile 7 = 9:18 - Holy hill... awesome time! 
Mile 8 = 9:41 - Holy hill... still a great time for all incline... and most likely the reason why I started to fall apart.  I should have slowed down and took it all at a slower pace... 
Mile 9 = 9:53
Mile 10 = 9:58
Mile 11 = 9:44
Mile 12 = 10:50 - just completely lost it mentally... I hate seeing this... 
Mile 13 = 9:54

Overall results... 

Official Time = 2:04.05
Overall Place = 2471/7829 half marathoners
Age/sex group place = 204/911 half marathoners
6 miles time = 53:32
11 Miles = 1:42.40
Holy Hill time = 19:32


  1. That is amazing! Great job :) Just thinking about running that far and for that long makes me hurt!

  2. Great job!! You were really close to your 2-hour goal - I bet you'd beat that easily this fall, knowing what you learned! I think the chalk decorated driveway is awesome.

  3. You did amazing!! That is a great time!!
    I'm looking for another one too so I can get the time I want!! :)
    And I saw your pics on Instagram...that was so sweet of your friend to do!!

  4. New follower...also a mom of two girls...also just starting my training for my first half...also a lover of "..."

    Congrats on your race!

  5. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment!!! You did great!!!!

  6. Great job girl! I am doing the KC marathon in October. I'm currently planning for a 10/mi pace. I hope to exceed those expectations, but I want to be realistic.
    You should come over and do it :-)



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