Monday, May 4, 2009


According to What to Expect When Your Expecting during the 3rd month...."Continued ups and downs, which may include mood swings, irrability, irrationalbilty, and weepiness"

This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling in the last week!!!!

I feel like I have been continually crying. The slightest reason to be sad sets me off.... I end up bawling with tears streaming down my face. I admit, I have always been a cryer... it feels good to cry sometimes... but this is getting ridiculous.

I have cried multiple times a day for the last few days... if you will be seeing me or talk to me in the next few days be prepared for me to get teary eyed and shed a few tears during normal conversation. I just cannot help it! Its like something just comes over me!

Not only is my crying out of control lately... I also feel like my stress level is at a new high. But I wont go into the many reasons I am stressed out to the max right now.... I want to try and not to think about it all... or I will begin to cry... again.

On a happier note.... today was our second doctors visit. Our appointment was at 11:20... we did not get into the exam room until 11:50 and it was 12:05 before the nurse came in! This made Brian and I both VERY irritable... but once she came in and starting talking about the baby... it was all quickly forgotten. Not to much occured... Basically told me my blood work looked great, my blood pressure is back to 120 over 80, (... I am currently crying and telling Brian to leave me alone.... I am telling you I am moody!) and then we got to listen to the hear beat! It took her a few minutes to find it... which was scary! ... We definitely have an active little one! She said the baby was jumping all over the place and she couldn't keep track of him long enough to get more than 2-3 beats. We got to hear the heart beat once for about 5 seconds before she lost it again... It wasn't long enough for her to count, for sure but she said it was in the 160s. Although I can't feel any movement, we could definitely hear it. Before the nurse even found the heart beat she just started laughing and said "there was a kick!" Every now and then you would hear a big thud. Our little one was having fun! One of the thuds was super loud and it made me crack up laughing! I can't wait till I can feel the kicks!!

Brian and I also made a visit to Babies R Us this weekend. I wanted to look at the cribs and get an idea on the prices... I think I definitely want to go with a white crib and just a changing table/dresser. I can't wait to start on the room! Our plan is to have the room completly cleaned our by mid June so we can begin on painting and decorating by July once we know the gender (June 29th!!!)

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