Monday, May 11, 2009


Alot seems to be going on lately....

Brian and I adopted two 8 week old kittens last week. I, along with everyone else, thought we were slightly crazy and I worried that we made the right decision... but they are completely adorable, entertaining, and making Brian and I very happy! That is what matters right? Plus, I am sure we are giving them a better life than others could have... we did get to keep a brother and sister together, and we give them lots of love!
Yesterday was Mother's day. We had my family and Brian's family over for a BBQ. It was nice to have everyone together and spend time with our mom's and Brian's grandma. I got two great gifts for my first Mommy-to-be day. My mom gave me a little sign to hang in the baby room that says "Poop Happens" Its cute and funny! And Brian gave me a Quesadilla maker!! It is what I asked for and I can't wait to make dinner tonight with it! yummy!
Today I took the second actuarial exam, FM.... and I passed!! I planned to study for 300 hrs for this exam, but since finding out I was pregnant my studying has been slacking, and I only made it to about 150. I was very confident on about 75% of the material... the other 25% I could skate by on, and I figured it was ok to miss those questions... well the exam was about 50% on that particular topic! I must have been a good guessing because I some how passed!! I am expecting a score of a 6 on this test, but that is A-OK! I never will have to take it again! Now on to the next exam... there is one possible problem though with this exam... there is only 1 testing date... Nov 4th! That is only a week and half before my due date! I am going to try and take it. I know it will be easier to study and take it now than when the baby is here and I will have to wait to take it in May. Hopefully this baby does not come early and I can get the exam in... if not, Oh well... I will still be a happy girl! :)
In more baby news... I am in the 2nd trimester and my 4th month! It is kind of crazy how fast it all is going! The baby will be here before we know! Only 7 more weeks and we will know what we are having!!! I also was thinking the other day... I will need to get all of my xmas shopping done before the baby comes! I doubt I will be able to do any good shopping with a new born to care for! ... or all gifts will be bought online! So those who I need to buy gifts for, let me know what you want!!
This weekend Brian and I are going to Cape for Craig and Beth's wedding! I am super excited! Its always nice to go back to Cape! This will be our first visit while staying in a hotel though! Brian will be staying with the groom Friday night, so I get the hotel room to myself! I can't wait!!! Saturday I plan to wake up early, go to breakfast at My Daddy's Cheesecake, attend Brian's cousin's graduation from Nursing school, attend the wedding, nap, and then watch Brian get drunk at the reception! I can't wait! :)

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  1. Your new kitties are so, SO cute. I wish we could get another so Caspian could have a playmate - we probably would have gotten two if there had been another one that looked like him! But the rest were tabbies. Anyway, enjoy your new babies!



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