Saturday, May 9, 2009

more pregnancy brain?

I decided to stop by Kohls to see what sort of sales were going on...

I found some super cute maternity jeans on clearnance that 1. fit, and 2. I actually like. I of course had to buy them...

When checking out, I could not find my kohl's card at all! If you dont have it with you, they will let you type in your SSN and still use it... well I could not remember my SSN for the life of me! I knew there was a 4, and a 9, and a 6 ... but I couldnt remember any more!!

I eventually just paid another way... I dont know what came over me! I think this baby is really beginning to suck my brain from me!

Hopefully I dont have any problems like this when I take my actuarial exam Monday!!!! eeks!!

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