Wednesday, July 29, 2009

its been a while

Florida was a great trip. I think it was one of the most relaxing vacations I have ever been on. All we did was enjoy the beach. I was able to catch up on a lot of sleep as well.

Below are a few pictures...

Brian has finally felt the baby kick. While in Florida we went to see Harry Potter. The baby kicked the entire movie! He hasn't felt the baby since... it seems that the baby likes to stop as soon as I offer someone to feel my belly. This maybe a VERY shy baby! I am just glad Brian has experienced it... I think he has been asking about the baby alot more now. Maybe it hit him that there really is something inside of me that is coming out in only 15 weeks!

It looks like Monday will be our third try to find out what we are having. Part of me doesn't even care to know anymore.... I think I am actually willing to wait, but the appointment is made, and Brian wants to give it one last shot.

I picked out the baby dresser... Brian just needs to come with me this weekend to purchase it! Its from Ashley's, and its actually the dresser that my sister currently has. Its nice, white, wood, and a decent price. Below is a picture... we will not be getting the mirror though. I am excited to check furtniture off of our to do list. (Our to-do list is very long) My mom has been looking at Gliders for us as well, since she refuses to give me her rocker now....

I think Sunday we will be finally registering... or atleast beginning to register. I think we will try to get the big things, and then wait for possibly gender specific items.

Its definitely beginning to hit me that the baby will be here soon. I think these next 3 months will go by super fast!

On a side note... Last night I took my sister to the Jonas Brothers concert. We had great seats, and had a good time. I just love seeing my sister so excited and happy. Do you think she could smile any bigger!?

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