Saturday, July 11, 2009

We love it!

Our crib is here and put together!!! Thank you Larry and Penny (Brian's parents) for assisting!!

I of course had to put the bedding on it so see what it will all look like! I love it! Brian and I both just keep standing at the door way to the room and just staring at it. 4 more months and there will be our baby sleeping in it!!
The room of course still needs to be painted. We a discussing the possibility of painting the room a nuetral color and just keeping this room as a nursery. We hope to have more kids, close in age... and as Brian put it "We cant get that crib out of there!" without taking it all apart again... I think Yellow or a light green would be nice!


  1. The crib is soooo cute ! I love it that you will not be taking it out of the room with the anticipation of more children :) I'm a fan of yellow for the paint color .. :)
    Aunt Nancy

  2. It's SO CUTE! :)
    And you WISH in 4 months that the baby will actually be sleeping in it :P!

  3. What about a pale orange like on the crab? It's still boy- OR girl-friendly, but unique :)

  4. Adorable!! super fun bedding too!



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