Friday, July 17, 2009

Strike two

We are still having a uncooperative baby!

The baby was wide awake.... moving lots... grabbing onto its feet, and arms all over the place..... but the legs stayed glued together!

The baby was definitely bigger with the heart rate still at 154. Yeah for 54!

We are going to try one last time.... as long as the doctor doesn't cancel it since it is just for our own nosieness.... on Aug 3. Hopefully by then the baby will turn (currently the baby is still breached with its butt down) so it will be easier to see its special parts.

I am beginning to think that this baby is trying to teach Brian and I a lesson. We are not very patient people... this is baby is forcing us to work on that!

Well we are off to Florida tomorrow for vacation with Brian's family! I can't wait to just relax on the beach and enjoy the sun!! See you all in a week!

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