Friday, April 8, 2011

Conquering Math Camp

Last week I went to Chicago for work, attending Math Camp (aka a seminar that consists of 8 hrs a day of straight math!)

I feel a bit more prepared for my exam, which is only 4 weeks and 6 days away. OMG. I feel motivated to keep studying and get this stuff down so that I can kiss this Financial Economics good bye forever!!!

Leading up to my trip, I was so excited to go.

I thought for sure I would love the time away.

Time to sleep. Time to  read. Time to relax. Time to study. Time to refresh. Time for Kim.

And yes, I am averaged 9.5 hours straight of sleep, and getting to do all of those other things, but I was completely heart broken by how much I missed my family!!

I tried not to call or check in too much because it only made me miss them worse .Talking to Brian on the phone and hearing Leah chatting away, telling me "Hi"... it became depressing!

I think Ill take my busy, sleep deprived life any day over being away from my favorite people.

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