Monday, April 18, 2011

One Seven

The baby that Leah used to be seems to be disappearing and the little girl she will become is starting to shine.  

At 17 months old Leah is becoming a little chatty cathy.  The list of words that have escaped her mouth gets longer by the day.   Throw in singing, trying to catch the cats, cleaning the house for me with the towels she pulled out of the kitchen drawers, patting the bed next to her to show me her desire to cuddle with her mommy, trying to pick up a spider she finds outside, tasting the plants, helping daddy push the lawn mower, grabbing her diaper and running to her room when she needs to be changed, grabbing her shoes and coat so she can go outside, helping to buckle herself in her car seat and  knowing her shapes so that she can successfully play with her toys and make her parents think she is the smartest kid around… she is definitely growing up.

I even saw a glimpse of the teen she will become yesterday.   In an attempting to teach Leah the best way to sled down the backyard hill (yes, in April and 75 degree weather! Leah thought it was the greatest thing ever! Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun as well!) She got upset and stormed off; not wanting any help.  I had flashbacks of being with my dad, working on my pitching, jump shot, or punts, getting an attitude, and storming off…. She is my child. It was exactly like what I remember doing growing up.

This weekend even marked her first time out… We stuck her in her crib and closed the door for a minute after she pinched Brian for getting upset.  The crib was the only place we could put her where she wouldn’t run away… I am thinking about a time out chair… what do you think? Or other disciplinary suggestions? At first I said “You’re in time out for 2 minutes because we do not pinch.”  But then quickly changed it to 1 minute as I walked out of the room… Aren’t you supposed to do whatever their age is?

I know we are about to enter a whole new world… disciplining, potty training, and learning boundaries… Oh my!

On your marks, Get ready,GO!


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