Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It might just be my new favorite holiday

I LOVED Easter with Leah!

She is finally at an age that is fun with holidays!   She absolutely loved hunting for eggs, especially after she realized there was candy inside!  

At my parents, my mom hid the eggs 3 times.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs for her once.

And at Brian's parent's the eggs were hidden twice.

I honestly am not sure if she had more fun finding the eggs, or living off of jelly beans and peeps.

The Monday after Easter, the first thing she did when she woke up was look for her eggs and check for any candy.  Smart kid.
Checking out what the Easter Bunny left... a Little People School Bus!

She might have found a ball during her hunt... and never put it down.   My child is obsessed with balls.


Me: "Brian you look buff in this picture!"
Brian: "what are you talking about? I am buff!"

Holidays are so much more fun when you get to experience them thru a child's eyes!   I cant wait till the next one!


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