Thursday, March 10, 2011

beyond randomness

If you havent noticed, I am having a hard time putting together very good blog posts. 

Maybe I am in a writting slump.

Maybe nothing exciting is going on in our lives.... totally untrue..... life is BUSIER THAN EVER!  Just nothing worth writting about.... yet. Maybe I just dont want to jinx anything.

A few random tidbits though....

Happy 2 years of Blogging!   Last week marked the 2 year anniversary of finding out about the creation of little Miss Leah, and the beginning of Growing with the Gilmores.     I think I will reminice each Mar. 6th .... I will remember it as the day my life headed in a new direction. The freak out when I saw the words "pregnant" appear, being on cloud 9 all day, and breaking the news to Brian.  It was probably one of my favorite days.

As a result, I admit I have baby fever right now!! I am NOT pregnant, but... I have been thinking. Next baby, I dont believe I want to find out the gender.   The excitement of that moment when your child is born and waiting to hear "Its a..." makes me giddy!!! I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it, and Im not even expecting!! I just want to experience that moment! I want to let Brian walk out to the waiting room and spill the beans to the awaiting grandparents.   I cant wait!

Leah busted her lip open the other day.... she fell, and nearly bit thru her bottom lip at daycare.   I received a voicemail that said "Leah fell... blah blah blah... we think she might need to be looked at."  It was a little scary.... I mean, what do you mean it needs to be looked at? Do I take her to her Dr? To the ER? I actually went to visit a coworker before calling back, seeking "mommy advice".   After discussing a game plan, I called back, and they said it was looking alot better and she was OK... they got it to stop bleeding and she was acting fine after her popsicle.   She has a huge bump on her bottom lip, with some crazy white spot where its trying to heal..... its gross.... oh and today was picture day!

Leah can totally talk.... but she doesnt.   I supposably was the exact same way when I was younger.   I guess I passed that trait on to her.    We have heard her say ball, up,eyes, head, bye, juice, milk and more, among other things... but only says it selectively! Ugg... It would really help if she would use her words more often!!

Our house is still on the market.... 1 month and counting!   Someone please buy it!!   We found our DREAM  home... and we want to start building it!!! The location has changed... but it will allow us to save a little money.... our kids will go to Brian's alma mater.... its a little hard for me to accept, its my HS's rival... but for this house... OK.   The minute I saw the floor plan I just knew it was exactly what I always dreamed of.... then we saw it in person and OMG I could not ask for more!!  PERFECTION! ... and in our price range!

and now I am blank.... I guess that was as much as I could do. 


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