Thursday, March 10, 2011

The down side to my career...

I had always heard that becoming an SOA actuary could be a bit depressing.   By selecting the SOA path, I am electing to work mainly for health and life insurance companies.    

My entire day deals with looking at claims.... surgeries, hospital stays, lab tests... you name it.   I look at statistics reguarding how often these things much they cost. Its mind blowing.

I once was looking at a claim reguarding a hospital stay.   The data showed the length of stay as zero.   Impossible I thought, so I asked about it.   The response I received was "It could just be an error, the claim was not filled out correctly.... or the person died while there that day." 

My heart sank.  

Today emails circulated about the news of the cost increase of the drug that prevents and stops preterm labor.   As an actuary we are responsible for figuring out how much this will effect our company.  

As a mother it breaks my heart.  

No parent deserves to see their child arrive too early to survive.   There should be no price tag on saving a child's life.... and saving a family from heartbreak.  

Stupid supply and demand....

A child is worth so much more.

I will be donating to the March of Dimes tomorrow.... Future babies need my money.


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  1. Yeah, I saw this in in a news article and it made me sick. I think that being a momma to a preemie and will probably have preemies with any future children that it just hurts me that much more. When Silas was in the NICU there was a baby there that barely weighed a pound!



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