Monday, March 14, 2011


My big brother turns 30 on Friday!!

He's also moving to Seattle next month.....

He's on the cover of Men's Health! ha!   All the "articles" describe him pretty well!

I am excited about my brother's big move.... but super sad at the same time. He currently lives in KC and is 3.5 hours away... there is just something about moving halfway across the country that gets to me.   Maybe its the fact that we have to save, and plan, to go visit him... its not just a "Hey! We are going to come this weekend".... not that that really happened often either.... its just..... far.

I know he will love it in Seattle... Its definitely a place where I can just picture him and his wife. They are the type that love to get out, visit new resturants, and see everything that their city has to offer... They will have an amazing time in Seattle...   I am just being selfish and wish he was moving closer rather than further away.... hopefully someday down the road we will live in the same city again...

My brother also blogs... and wrote about this big move. You can read it HERE.   He is an awesome writer, and his post actually makes me feel like a big loser, with a boring life, who needs to stop living the life that every body expects.... except I like that part of my life... We are compelete opposites in some aspects...

Happy Birthday Brother! I love you!!

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