Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby <= 4 weeks

  • First off... Leah is back to her normal self! 
  • A neighbor who was there and came over when I yelled for help stopped by to check on Leah.  She commented on how calm I was during it all.  I surprise myself. 
  • We met a new neighbor yesterday... when I said we lived on the next street over, in the Grey house, her response was "Where the ambulance and all was this weekend?"  Yep.. that's us!
  • People! Less than 4 weeks till baby...27 days at the most.  18 more days of work! 
  • At my Dr. appointment yesterday I was told that if I start to have consistent contractions I can head to the hospital and just have my c-section then.  There was no statement of how consistent or for how long they had to be... I say bring on the contractions! 4 more weeks sort of feels like torture with how I am feeling right now. 
  • I was having contractions last night... but not consistent or regular... but this is WAY earlier than I ever started feeling any last time. Last time I did not feel anything until days before my due date... Emily is head down...come on girl! 
  • I think I am the most sleep deprived that I have ever been in my life.  I have consistantly only been getting about 5-6 hrs of sleep at night.  I typically prefer 8-9! If I actually do not get up every 2 hrs to pee, Leah will wake me up, or my brain will just not stop.  ... Or like last night, I wake up, glance at the clock, realize I already slept for 6 hrs, get excited, and then all of a sudden I cannot get back to sleep.   So annoying!! 
  • I dont think I have slept thru the 4 am hour in weeks.  I am always up for it... falling back to sleep somewhere in the 5 oclock hour, only for an alarm to go off at 6. 
  • Where is my end of pregnancy, must prepare, burst of energy?!?! I felt it for about 2 hrs yesterday and then it quickly disappeared. 
  • I feel my nesting kicking in a bit... but not in a cleaning way... more in a "I want to decorate and make the house pretty" way.  Not good for the budget... 
  • I think I might begin to pack our hospital bag today. I am feeling the need to prepare a little bit for baby girl. One infant carseat is installed already, but it still needs the infant padding to be added. 
  • Two 2 year olds trying to give each other high fives might be the funniest thing ever.  Leah had a play date the other day with her friend Grace and they decided they wanted to give fives (after giving hugs) when it was time to leave... they just kept missing and smacking each other.  SO. STINKING. CUTE!
  • I love my job and the people I work with.  Even though I am on baby #2 and already have everything I need, my coworkers are throwing me a shower on Monday.  I seriously will never be able to change jobs.  This one is just way too perfect in every way! 
  • And speaking of jobs, I am actually getting new job duties once I come back from maternity leave.  I will no longer be working on MO cost of care, and moving over to KY.  I will then officially have no one in my office that I work with on projects. It will be weird... and may call for trips to Louisville in the near future... I am excited for the change and interested to see how it all goes. 
  • I officially did the "paper work" for maternity leave at work. As long as Emily does not leave early I will be hopefully enjoying a nice 10 weeks of summer where I will be home to watch all of the Summer Olympic games!! I LOVE the Olympics! I am so excited!! Hopefully there will be some entertaining daytime TV and I can kind of freely stay up for the random middle of the night games! 

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  1. I was just telling John that I wish I was on maternity leave during the summer so I could watch the Olympics. :)

    And I am so like you with the sleep! I love 8-9 hours... leaning toward the 9!



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