Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The First of Many

We pretty much live across the street from a major amusement park.

We can see the Screaming Eagle from our back deck.

We drive pass it on our way to the grocery store and daycare.

When we decided to move here we knew we would be getting season passes.

We hope to take advantage of the water park and late afternoon trips when we are bored at home.

Leah has always known what it was and that we would go "someday".

Someday = Saturday!

Leah was SO EXCITED!!

She was at first a bit overwhelmed.  All the people.  All the big rides.

She refused to ride anything.  She just wanted to be held and watch.

After 2 hrs of walking around and watching (and this 36+ week pregnant woman trying to stop and rest on every bench possible) Brian had her watching the Log Flume.

She suddenly said she wanted to ride!!

So off Brian and her went to get inline...

I thought for sure they would return as the wait was over a half hr and she would get scared or inpatient.

But they made it and I was a proud momma!

Leah was loving life afterwards and ready to tackle another ride... a ride mommy was actually allowed on too! 

The Ferris Wheel.  

I was entertained taking their picture while we waited in line.  It took probably 45 minutes and Leah was getting beyond tired as we were far past her nap time.   Brian was exhausted from holding her constantly.  The sleepy girl did not want to be put down. 

She loved playing with his ears and facial hair. 

my pretty girl

so sweet

We headed out after the ferris wheel because Leah could barely keep her eyes open and passed out in the stroller. 

If you are counting... that is 2 rides in 4 hrs.... 

And it was EXHAUSTING! 

We hope to head back again soon, probably more in the evening, after dinner when the crowds have started to leave. 

Maybe we will even get to enjoy the water park just once before baby Emily makes her arrival too!


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