Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's day

A few days late... but Mother's Day this year was pretty great.

I think the holiday is meant to celebrate the little things.  Sure a nice fancy gift would be nice, but I much more prefer to give and get the small thoughtful gifts and acts of kindness.

Brian and Leah did great.

Leah made some bath salt at daycare which I am LOVING! It smells awesome and gives the water a really soft feeling.  I of course am LOVING baths right now too with having this achy body right now.

Sidenote: I am so eager to see the size of this baby!  My guess is that she will weight a little less than Leah did at 9 lb 6 oz, but will be longer.  The distance she can stretch across my belly makes me think she has super long legs!  I cant wait to find out!  My official guess is 8 lb 15 oz, 22 inches long.

Brian did a great job as well... I told him I did not want anything except for him to hang some pictures on the wall without complaining. They still are not up yet but he hasnt complained anything regarding what I want to do.  Hopefully they will go up this weekend.

Then Sunday morning I woke up really wanting donuts so he ran to Schnucks and brought home some yummy treats and a flower for me.

Later in the day we headed to my Sister N Law's house for a nice BBQ where I took some fun pictures of Leah and my niece Jenna.

They are adorable aren't' they?

SIL, MIL, Grandmother N law?, and me looking horribly pregnant! 


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