Friday, May 11, 2012

Picture Overload

I admit I hadn't picked up my camera in a few weeks.

It has been too hot out lately to get outside, we have been super busy, and I was just tired of taking pictures of Leah with her back to me.

But yesterday I got it out... and I feel like things made a little more sense when I was taking the pictures...

Here are the "keepers"...

Already loving her "big sis" shirt!

more bored than anything... 36 weeks. 

working on baby laundry

1:30 pm snack... I really am only surviving on the "lots of mini meals" rule rather than normal meals. 

Yep, working from home is awesome. 

pretty day, pretty clouds

Can you tell Emily really favors my right side?

practicing my focusing... 

Off on our walk to take pictures

Leah loves weeds.  I loved taking her picture while she was so distracted! 

This child seriously needs minimal toys... just some balls, a bike, and yep.. that's about it. 

My pretty girl. 

So... better?  Tips and advice?  


1 comment:

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