Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Move: The Waiting Game

I have ZERO patience.

Our house has only been on the market for a week but I am ready for something to happen!!

We have been doing AWESOME at keeping the house clean! It really is pretty easy if you do it each night... I feel so much better coming home to a clean house, going to bed with a clean house, waking up to a clean house... I really hope this becomes a habit!

We have had 2 individual showings, and an open house.... pretty good for the first week I guess.... but somebody buy it please!! 

We keep getting the same feed back... the house looks great, but the carpet either needs to be cleaned or replace, and we need to replace our pink counter tops. 

I understand the comments but:
 1. Leah has ruined our carpet... there is no point for us to put in new carpet because we will just be right back to square one in a few months.
 2. our counter tops are not that bad! Yes, they are pink, but they could be ALOT worse!! What if they were blue or green or something!? The pink atleast matches somewhat... do we spend a grand and put in something brown and tan? I am sure it would look better, but is it worth it? It obviously did not bother Brian when he bought the house.

See! Not ridiculously pink!

This whole house-selling process is an emotional rollercoaster.   We have everything picked out in our next house, the plans are almost finalized, we are dreaming about it in our sleep, but we just have to get over this very difficult hurdle!! The thought of waiting months and months to get moving on our plans is agonizing...

Yesterday Brian and I had Chinese.   His fortune cookie said something big would happen 3 months from the day... we get an offer? We close? We move? I hope its right!

May 13th? What do you hold for us?

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  1. I know when we are looking and there is something we dont like, we would rather have a credit than for them to replace it. What if your buyer wants hardwood floors and you put in new carpet? I would jump on "seller will credit $1000 to replace floors and counter tops."

    Good luck! I hope you sell it soon!



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