Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleet Day 2011

It went much better than Snow Day 2011.

I dont know if it was the fact that Brian was home too.... working, but home....

Or the fact that my office closed down for the day so I did not have to attempt to work...

Or the fact that Leah is a few weeks older, more mature, and I felt more prepared to entertain her...

But Sleet Day 2011 wasnt so bad!

We had breakfast,

We played in her tent (which I had forgotten about)

We had lunch.

We took a good nap.

We read books.

We did laundry.

We went outside for a bit.

I thought ahead and made pot roast in the slow cooker for dinner.

We had a CLEAN bath.

The day was long, but Mommy is not nearly as tired as she was last time.

Now there is a slight chance that Leah will be home tomorrow as well.... I am not sure if day 2 will go as well as day 1.... lets keep our fingers crossed!!

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