Thursday, February 24, 2011

The stats are in!

At 15 months:

32.5 Inches tall
27 lbs 4 oz heavy

Since I am missing the percentiles, a useful comparison… we saw a friend of mine and her little boy who is 13 months older than Leah in the waiting room, and Leah was the EXACT same size as him!!

Side Note: With my new job, our insurance changed.   With the new insurance, our Pediatrician became out of network.   As much as we LOVE her, we just cannot pay hundreds of dollars to see her.   I was completely heartbroken to change doctors.   To a point of tears! I used the recommendations of a friend, and my OB, and found a new Dr.   She is nice… but not the same at all!   After Leah's check up yesterday I was again in tears!   The new Dr. did not seem nearly as through-oh (how on earth do you spell that!?) as the old.   The office is not as nice.   She did not give me the percentiles that I LOVE. I am just so upset!   Next year we will be getting the more expensive health insurance just so we can return to our previous Pediatrician!   I miss her!   I want to write her a letter telling her we did not leave her willingly… that she is amazing… and we will return!   Is that weird!?  I am obviously in love with a doctor!

Other exciting traits of my favorite 15 month old include:

·         Loves using a fork.   I love how less messy she is!
·         Willingly gives up her binkie!    We still have it, but only for sleeping and car rides.   New goal is to get rid of it completely by 18 months.  Eeeh. That makes me nervous. She could probably get rid of it now, but I feel comforted by it!
·         Is a great talker…. In her own secret language.   She does say a few words… but they are so sporadic.  
·         Tries to sing.   It's the cutest thing in the whole wide world!   I can only tell she is singing because she mumbles the same sounds over and over while doing hand gestures.   The only "song" we can identify is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.    She does it in the car, at dinner, while laying in bed, and while shopping….
·         Loves to squeal in excitement.   Her new think is just running round yelling.
·         Loves daycare so much that it's now a struggle to get her to leave!  I usually walk in her room, she sees me, runs to give me a hug, and then starts running around the room squealing.  Then proceeds to show me all her favorite toys.
·         Pays a lot more attention to the cats, but will swat at them when they get too close to her toys. She does not like to share.
·         LOVES to be outside!  Will throw the most epic tantrums when it is time to go inside.
·         Throws everything. The other night I got hit in the head with a singing tea pot.    This may be good for her athletic career, but not so good for her ability to fit into society.
·         Does this adorable thing where she puts her hands on her head and then takes them off and give this "Oh No!" look.   I have no idea where it came from.
·         Just plain AMAZING!

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