Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So What!?

Yes, I have a degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

Yes, I willingly take 2 math exams a year, study hundreds of hours, doing math problem after math problem....

But does that mean I am good at simple math!??  


Give me algebra and calculus any day.

But ask me to add big numbers together in my head.... I will most likely get it wrong, unless you give me like 2 minutes to do it!

Here is proof: <---- a typical math activity.

Leah's daycare just increased its monthly price.   It used to be 1127.00 a month.  (I am telling you the ridiculous number that we pay in childcare, for ONE child, because I hope some day I will look  back and think, "WOW! That was cheap!")

This month it increased.

My husband and I had a little conversation last night....

Brian - I thought you said daycare went up 15 dollars?

Me - It did.

Brian - Then why did you write a check for 1132.00?

Me - Because it went up fift.... OHHHHHHH. 

And therefore... I am not good at simple math.

This post is not only true, but also part of the Working Mommy Wednesday's writing prompt for this week.



  1. My husband is the math wiz between the 2 of us but I secretely love it when he gets it wrong and I get it right. Can't help it, it's the competitive side in me :) PS - I'm impressed with your calc and algebra skills though!

  2. I'm the opposite of this! I'm fine with simple arithmetic, but give me complex mathematical equations to do and I run a mile!! :S

    I would NEVER achieve a degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics! However, my job as an Information and Research Officer involves working with statistical information every day!


  3. ok, i couldn't get passed the $1100 a month for daycare... but... uhh.... cute post!!! sometimes i think i'm bad at simple math too!!! :)

  4. Wow that is like a rent payment! Insane!!! I think it's the same around here.

  5. I've always considered myself good at math. But I have to admit, sometimes my son brings home math homework and I'm lost! What happened to regular math problems? When did second grade math get so complex?




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