Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day 2011

 It was rough.

I thought I could attempt to work from home and watch Leah. As soon as I woke up (5:30a) and saw that daycare was closed, I jumped on the computer to try to get some time in… I hoped for a few hours, then get some time during her 2 good naps, and maybe sometime once Brian came back home…. Ha! I barely got anything done work wise…


She tore apart the house, as seen in the picture from my prior post.

We ventured out in the foot of snow. I put sandwich baggies on her feet in the place of snow boots. Leah fell face first into it and didn’t even mind!

We played with every toy.

We unloaded the dishwasher. Leah would take each piece out, play with it for a second, and then hand it to me to put away. It took us over a half hour.

Leah took an hr long nap.

We made mac n cheese for lunch.

We played with water in the sink.

We built towers and then knocked them down.

We stood at the door and watched the plow trucks clear the street and the street across from us.

We read some books.

We played with more toys.

My cabin fever grew.

She went down for another 45 minute nap. (I nearly cried)

Leah brought me my coat. Then brought me her coat, and began to wave bye-bye. Leah had cabin fever too…. So we went outside... again.

We went for a walk in our neighbor’s wagon.

We built with more blocks.

We put headbands on each other and pretend to blow our noses.

We played with toys again.

Daddy came home!!

We made dinner and ate as a family.

Leah had a bath… and then POOPED in the tub!!!!! Adjhfajsdfhasdjfhadjfasdkj!

And then she passed out while lying on the couch with me… at 6:45pm.

And I was asleep by 8:30.

It totally wore me out! Leah seriously has the shortest attention span ever and refuses to leave my side. I have no idea how people survive as a stay at home mom! More power to them because it totally is not for me!


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  1. Sounds exactly like a day at home with my daughter! LOL It's funny reading about it, but I know the stress of meeting work obligations while entertaining a toddler. I can say that by 2.5 mine is more independent but more destructive when left alone for an hour!



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