Monday, January 10, 2011

A little late

I finally received my Christmas present from Brian!!

He specially ordered a stackable birthstone ring in Leah's birthstone.   I always knew I wanted a birthstone ring for Leah... but I didnt want a regular old ring with her stone on it. I know (hope) we will have more children and I wanted a ring that I could always wear, but not be favoring one child over the other. I love the look or stackable rings, and when I saw these at, I just knew it was exactly what I wanted!!

(sorry for the crappy pictures!)

I love the idea of a wedding ring... it symbolizes the love for my husband and the promise of life with him.  In my head, this ring, and future rings, will be a symbol of my love and the promise to my children.  

I rarely wear any other rings... I have big hands, and usually only big fancy, expensive rings look OK on them. (I swear! A danty ring on me just looks funny!) So until we have more children and I can add to this one, I think I will wear it along with my wedding rings.   I sort of cant wait to have more children for the fact that I will get to add rings! :)


I just love it!! Its so much prettier in person too, The pictures do not do it justice.   If you are interested, check out Kays and their personalize jewerly section.  Its a very reasonable price for a ring that I plan to wear for the rest of my life!

Thank you Brian!!

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