Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lil' Momma

Friday night Brian and I got to babysit the neice and nephew!  I was super excited to have Dominic and Jenna over, but a little nervous.  Brian was thrilled to have Dom to play video games with all night and I would have the two little girls.

Usually whenever I hold Jenna (3 months) Leah becomes very jealous and tries to push Jenna out of my arms.  Part of me thought the whole night would be filled with me feeding Jenna and Leah screaming....

The night began a little like that... Leah started to show her jealousy.   I let Leah sit on the couch next to me while I fed Jenna her bottle and she slowly became a little more interested.  Leah just kept looking at her, and poking her...

Then I changed Jenna's diaper and Leah decided it was time for her to take over!!   It began with Leah bringing Jenna her blanket and binkie, and deciding that Jenna needed another diaper change...

She got out her diaper and a wipe...

 And Jenna needed her face wiped off.  Mommy seems to always be doing that!
Then it was time for a binkie!
But Jenna wouldnt take it, and Leah just couldnt figure out why

 Then it was time for someone to have a bib..... was it for Leah?  (she put it on herself!)
Or did Jenna need it?

 It was crazy to watch Leah pretend to do everything!! With her baby dolls, Leah usually just picks them up, hugs them, and then throws them.... I guess she is ready for a little brother or sister!



  1. That is so special! I think she is just about ready for that little bro or sis! Sooo cute! Good job mommy, making her feel special and needed!



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