Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We'll take one of those please

I think we need one of those kiddie leashes.  Seriously.

I always thought they were super goofy, but Leah has now proven that they might be pretty useful.

I mistakenly gave her a little taste of freedom when I let her walk, while holding my hand, out of Burger King and to the car.   Then I let her walk thru the Library (Side note: Leah will NOT be returning to the library anytime soon!   She RAN thru the isles, ripping books off the shelves, screaming in pure joy... )

Now everytime we are out she wants to dive out of my arms so she can walk by herself.   It wouldnt be so bad if she would stand next to me or hold my hand.... but she runs in the opposite direction! Separation Anxiety? Its a thing of the past I guess.  

The leash totally makes sense now.... she can walk, be away from me by a few feet, still have her freedom, but I wont be chasing her down constantly....

So yes? No? Maybe so?!

Would you give me the side eye if you saw us out with it on?


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