Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the land of Boo-Boos

I always heard that when little ones begin walking, along come the boo-boos.... well, it has begun.

She looks like she got in a fight!

This is the result of two seperate falls...

The first vertical cut occured the other night... I am not exactly sure she what happened... she was holding a broom, and walking... tripped, screamed, and this scratch appeared.   It did not look nearly this bad at first... it seemed to have scabbed really thickly.

Then yesterday we decided to take Leah outside for a bit to experience the 60 degree weather we were having (yes, 60 degrees in Dec... it did result in tornadoes.  One touching down about 2 miles from my parents house).  Leah has just started trying to run... she got on the driveway, started to run away, and then ate concreate.

Poor little thing... she just looks so sad... I feel horrible, but I know this is just the beginning!

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