Monday, January 31, 2011

Project: Move - Keeping the House Clean

This might just be the part that I am the most nervous and stressed about.  

We were told that we could have a showing at any moment... we could be at work and get called and told "someone wants to come over tonight." and have no way of running home to pick up.  As a result, We must have a spotless house every time we leave. Eeks! It will only help sell the house quicker.

Brian and I are not neat freaks by any means.   You could probably call us messy.  And we have a toddler! A toddler that can destroy a nice, neat room, in a matter of seconds.

We have had to set rules and boundaries...

We must clean before heading to bed.  
No dirty dishes... if the washer is full and running, we need to hand clean whatever would not fit.
Scoop out kitty litter daily. (We should have been doing this all along huh!?)
When getting dressed in the morning, we must put away our clothes, close all drawers, put away the make up bag and straightener... we need to remember to pick up after ourselves.... right away!

It is going to be hard...

But you know what... if we can make it a habit, it would be AMAZING!   Last night, as I turned off the lights and headed to bed, I thought, "Man, the house looks pretty good... and it feels pretty good!" There was zero stress about "I need to find time to mop the floor." because we are making sure it is getting done. We are making it a priority.  And it feels nice to have some control over it.

So here's to a pretty, sparklie, beautiful house, that gets sold FAST! ... before we lose our minds trying to keep it this way!

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