Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have a confession.

I love boy bands. Really, its not even a confession because I am not embarassed in the least about it! I have loved them for as long as I can remember!

I think it started when I was 5 with New Kids on the Block. I remember having tshirts, a life size poster on the back of my door, and always naming my Ken dolls Joey or Jordan. One of my most favorite memories of my Grandpa Kozlen is him asking me and by best friend Ashley which one we would marry. I had a shirt with their faces on it, and Ashley and I quickly pointed to Joey.

Then I hit 7th grade and Backstreet Boys entered my life. They were the first big concert I attended. I was hooked. I eventually made it to 3 BSB concerts and 5 Nsync concerts (Plus some 98 degrees, and LFO) before turning 18. I had friendships based on the love for these groups. We would stay up late at night watching recorded performaces over and over.

I still love them. Listening to the music brings back so many great memories of just being a young girl, daydreaming, and hanging out.

Then I heard the amazing news that New Kids and BSB were going on tour... TOGETHER!! Its like a match made in heaven!! Tickets are bought, and I am extremly giddy! I feel like I am 14 again, just counting down the days to a big concert. I am going with my best friend, the same best friend that I have been to all the big concerts with. We havent seen eachother much lately, but a great concert can always bring us together! I just cannot wait! We of course will be getting a hotel room so that we can enjoy the night to the fullest! We will be 14 years old alcohol!!!

Just watch this amazingness.... I CANNOT WAIT!! Only a little over 7 more months to go!


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