Friday, January 14, 2011

Sporatic Friday

PhotobucketI am feeling pretty scatter brained lately. I have a lot to say, but I just can’t seem to write more than 2 sentences on anything…. So here are the random facts about the Gilmore family…


• Leah is RUNNING! She loves to just run thru-out the house, around corners…. Into corners, tables, and doorways….

• Yesterday I picked her up from daycare. She was excited to see me, but rather walk to me to pick her up, she just started walking towards the door waving…. She was all “Let’s get out of here mom!”

• She is also now saying “Uh-Oh” along with her “this” and “whats this”. I feel like “Mama” and “Dada” is beginning to come out a little more often with the intention of it being directed to Brian and I…

• She will throw things in the trashcan when asked, and also loves to help put clothes in the washer.

• I have decided to stop rocking her. I feel like we were having issues with her waking up in the middle of the night and just wanting to be rocked. She would wake up, I’d pick her up, start rocking, and she would immediately go back to sleep. But the second I put her in bed, she was back up… She is almost 14 months old… and too old to be rocked to sleep. So the past couple of nights if she wakes up, I lay her back down and sit down on the floor next to her crib. Sometimes I will put my hand thru the bars and rub her leg… others I just lay on her floor. I think she is comforted by just knowing I am there… she has been doing great at it! Hopefully she will stop needing me to come into her room altogether! … I can hope right!?

• She is getting moved up to the next room at daycare! We are on our 3rd room people!! Holy big kid! … which by the way, seeing Leah with all her little friends… she totally is the big kid! That 98th percentile thing is true.


• He is the same old Brian….


• Last night I had a dream about Meteors hitting Japan and causing flooding…. What on earth does that mean!? I usually dream about Tornadoes when I am stressed… its supposed to mean that I feel like my life is spinning out of control. What about Meteors, and world destruction!?

• I did not pass my test… again. I got a 4… which is the best I have gotten yet, but I need a 6… I am a mix between being super mad and OK with it… Obviously having a child is hampering me passing these exams…. But I do have a job as an actuary now. Who cares when I pass my exams… wait! My Company does! If I don’t pass an exam in 3 tries, I get fired…. Darn it! This is what stresses me out! New study materials are ordered, I will be going to a seminar (aka math camp) for the exam… I should pass in May! If not, I don’t know what else to do…

• Yep… going to a seminar in either NYC or Chicago… 4 nights away from Brian and Miss Leah, in the middle of tax season…. That’s stress me out right there… plus I will be going to IN for work in March as well (Finally meeting my boss!)… This will be a new test for our family.

• We are thinking about putting our house on the market next month…. It terrifies me! Its not the moving thing, or the finances thing… it’s the keeping the house SUPER DUPER clean thing! OMG its going to be hard! The house IS cleaner lately… we have been de-cluttering TONS and moving a lot of extra stuff to my parents…I sweep and mop the kitchen floor nightly now… but its so hard with a little one, and working full time, and studying, and tax season, and trying to remain sane…. I will definitely need a vacation after all of this!

• And have I mentioned I am going to NKTOBSB in July!?

• Funny fact about my job… the one other girl that is on my team, in the STL office, is also named Kim. Our company is built around conference calls, so you cant exactly who someone is talking to, its just “Kim do this”…”Well Kim…” To make things even more confusing she is Kim K. I used to be Kim K. I often try to answer for her, and tell people on the phone that I am Kim K. … its so confusing!

• Another name/work thing… I have maybe known 1 or 2 other Kim’s my whole life…. In my department of 27 in the STL office there are 3 of us! That’s over 10%. Maybe Kim’s tend to be Actuaries?

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