Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Attempt #1

Last night when Leah wanted to head out to play outside after dinner I grabbed my new toy to give my first college try at learning to use my camera.

It didnt go nearly as bad as I thought it would!

It took me a while to realize how high I needed the ISO, and amazed me at how I could take bright pictures even as the sun was starting to set.

I still struggle with the whole  focusing on one object and blur the background... hopefully I can figure that out soon because I LOVE pictures like that.

And my biggest frustration is when a picture would be awesome... if it was IN-FOCUS!

Now for a lookie at a few of my favorites...

Leah is just looking cute... I did not yet have the ISO up high enough... I dont think atleast. 

I was shocked that I caught a smile!! ... and my child seriously is ALWAYS filthy! I guess its just the result of playing hard. 

I think I finally go the ISO up enough!

I think this is a good picture... I just dont love the look on her face... it doesn't look like my Leah

This is my Leah!

An example of a picture I would love IF it was in focus darn it!!!

An another example.... 

This was my best attempt at the whole blurring the background... 

Feel free to critique and give me advice! I know I need help!

And also check me out over on Double the Fun's! I am a featured Momma today!
yeah I know its Tuesday... its a week of Momma's this week.


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  1. To blur the background use a high f-stop. It is actually the low number, but they call it high. Talk about confusing (so use f4).

    To help my camera focus on what I want it to focus on, I set my auto focus point to the center. I just crop the photo afterwards. I like to have the red dot right between the eyes. Easy with a baby. Not so easy with a mobile toddler.

    You are doing really great! I didn't move out of auto for months.



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