Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Weekly Hodge Podge

Last week at 33 weeks.
  • I am officially only capable of fitting into dresses unless its 50 degrees out, then I just wear a few dresses with jeans. Instead of buying more shirts to cover my ginormous belly, my solution is to just work from home more where my belly can freely enjoy a nice breeze as it pokes out of every possible shirt.   I even have trouble now keeping my full panel maternity pants up.  I cannot wait to get back to normal clothing!
  • This dress in the picture by the way... a new favorite.  $16.00 from Walmart! It might actually be a swim cover up.  I found it next to the swimsuits. Our walmart has the swimsuits across from the groceries.  Maybe its a  "Do you really want that box of cookies?" thing?... Anywho, I wore it to work last week and received probably 10 compliments on it!
  • Eviction is officially set for 9:30 am on 6-6-12.  5 weeks and 6 days people!
  • I have mentioned before that we are naming this child Emily, but I always planned to call her Em or Emmie. 3 syllables is great for a nice fancy name, but not the best for everyday use.  Shoot, Brian even calls Leah, "L" since its easier to spit out.  Well it seems that baby girl's name is already adjusting to "Emmie".  Its how Leah pronounces her name and I find Brian and myself already calling her that too.  I LOVE it!
  • Leah has had a few play dates with the little boy next door.  He came over to play once and once Leah has gone over there... into their house... to play.  It was the weirdest thing! Brian and I sat on the deck thinking "Leah is at a friends house playing.... what do we do!?" It is awesome that they are playing together, but Brayden is almost a full 3 years older than Leah. He starts kindergarden in the fall and I am sure he will lose interest playing with a toddler! He seems to like Brian though... he always told Brian he could come over for a sleep over and sleep in his room because he has bunk beds.  Little boys seriously LOVE Brian for some reason. ha.
  • I think its official I will be getting a Dodge Grand Caravan... its actually pretty AWESOME! It has amazing storage and space. Hopefully we will be getting it in the next week or so! I cannot wait! ... which speaking of cars, I need to clean out my Taurus. Me vaccumming it out will be a sight! ha!
  • My cousin is graduating from college the weekend of May 19th.  Almost my entire mom's side of the family is headed to Joplin to celebrate, including family that has never met Leah and I have not seen in almost 3 years! I really really really want to go but darn it.. I will be 2.5 weeks from delivery and the 4 hr car drive sounds a bit like torture.  I am slightly tempted to go... especially if we have our new van and I am not dialated at all... stupid idea?  I think I will ask my doctor... Any bets on what she will say? I honestly have no idea...

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