Monday, April 2, 2012

First and Last

After waiting what seemed like forever for my battery to charge, I finally felt brave enough to try to take a few pictures in the auto modes.

I freaking L-O-V-E-D it!

I took almost 100 pictures, mostly of a little girl yelling at me "Dont take my picture!", or lazy cats, and around the house.    I cant wait to have a new little baby girl to take pictures of!

My wildchild

Ki-Ki a.k.a. Cora

Tired girl who decided only to nap for 30 minutes yesterday

Our neighbors just moved in this weekend



The view outside our front door... someday there will be more houses there though. 

watching daddy BBQ our dinner

look at those long legs! No wonder shes a little giant

loves going for bike rides

Leah playing with her camera (an old film cannon)

just us and our neighbors... 

little photographer

I absolutely love pictures of them together

enjoying her walk

Leah loves blowing these weeds, Brian hates them

pretty flowers on the tree

After talking with my brother, and really wanting to finally have a hobby, I will no longer rely on the automatic.

Over video chat last night my brother ran thru the camera with me (he has the same, a main reason I chose the T2i which was given to him by his professional photographer father n law) and gave me a lesson in photography basics.

I will admit I was at first terrified of getting a camera like this (although I really really wanted one) was because I knew it was something I would have to learn.  I typically like to be good at things.  I didnt want to pay 700+ dollars on something I was going to suck at.  That unknown scared the crap out of me.  After just using the auto I built confidence that even if I never learn anything else, i will atleast get pretty pictures.  But after chatting with my brother and learning some I think I can actually do this!

I am anxious to just start taking hundreds of pictures and really start figuring this all out.

Look out for all the photo bombs coming your way soon!


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  1. It is such a great hobby! I'm so happy I got out of auto... the only negative is once you learn no one else in your house will take photos - so you'll never be in them.



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