Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life Lately

  • I have 7 more weeks as a mom of 1. O-M-G
  • I have finally embraced the fact that I will be getting a new mini-van in the very near future. All of the SUVs with a 3rd row in our price range come with a bench middle row.  This is not very suitable to fold a chair down when you have 2 car seats attached.  We have to have the bucket seats.  SUVs with bucket middle seats = out of our desired priced range.  Mini-vans really meet all of our needs.  I will be the most awesome soccer mom around! ... we just have another year before we enter the life of organized kid sports. 
  • Speaking of sports, Leah is OBSESSED with baseball.  

Love this picture because its Brian and Leah together, and Leah's hat and bat.  Too cute. 

Bat in hand of course... 
  • The other day Brian and I were at Culvers ordering dinner.  As soon as Brian paid, the cashier asked "So what are you guys having?".  I looked at her like she has 2 heads and said "uh, we just ordered..."  It didnt hit me she was asking about the baby. 
  • Miss Cora has been sick... She is just not her "in your face", "pet me! Pet me please!", "I want to cuddle!" self.  She still is not eating much, but we are waiting to see if she keeps it up before heading back to the vet.  He was happy that she just started eating and drinking again... Poor thing. I hate having sick babies, even my fur-babies. 

  • I saw a motorcycle accident today, after it happened, but before the emergency vehicles had arrived.  It made me wonder... how were emergency vehicles notified of accidents before cell phones were carried by everyone? Like in the 60s or 70s, how long did it take for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of an automobile accident?? I am very curious! 
  • I have the most awesome in-laws.  Since I am on restricted activity and just so worn out by this pregnancy, my in-laws have been coming over and cleaning the house for me, then picking Leah up from daycare for the evening so I can relax for a bit. Getting to come home and veg is so nice! 
  • My camera is beginning to make a little more sense to me... a few non Leah pictures... 
I took like 20 pictures of Brian's glass of wine last night. 

  • Brian has been attempting to finish the basement... but he jumped ahead and bought his new projector, set it all up, and now we have been hanging out in the basement watching movies.  I do not think he has any motivation anymore to keep going on it all... His necessities are already there... 


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  1. I love having a minivan. It took about a month to get used to it from the outside. I would look at it and think, "I drive that??" But now I am totally used to it. It is so convenient.



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