Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best of Easter Weekend

Is it possible for her to be more of a mess?! I think its a talent of hers. 

watermelon on the front porch


"You say there is an egg over here??"

I love this picture of Brian... Im not really sure why though... 

Completely spoiled... 5 baskets total on Easter Day. One even from my sister's boyfriend. He knows how to score some brownie points with the family!

Leah is becoming obsessed with baseball. We aren't complaining. Look at that follow thru. 

Leah and Aunt J

Already wanting to drive the car!! I will definitely keep this picture around to compare to when she really gets the keys.

popsicle addict

Playdoh from the Easter Bunny! ... Leah asked daddy what he was making... his response "Rocks!" Leah was VERY impressed!

I just have to say... The whole taking hundreds of pictures and only liking a small percentage is frustrating.  I know I am only a week into this photography thing... Lets hope it improves! I need maternity leave just so I can practice practice practice!


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  1. you'll get to practice on a baby too, which is infinitely easier than a toddler. :)



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