Monday, September 10, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 13

The results are in....

1 Mile - 9:29 minutes
2 Miles - 19:42 minutes
3.1 Miles - 30:37 minutes

Definitely met my goal of under 32 minutes!

When I first heard them call out the time on my first mile I was SHOCKED!

The power of running with other people and trying to keep up!

When I heard the time at 2 miles I almost thought I could make it in 30 minutes...

But as I rounded the bend, and saw 30:13 on the clock I was sort of majorly bummed...

Next time!

There were 2 rather large hills in the course that I was not expecting...

So seriously, next time, 30 minute goal!

I already am planning on signing up for the Harvest Fest 5k Oct 13th.

(Another Eureka event... because I live in an awesome town!)

And a 3rd 5k, The Turkey Trout is planned for Thanksgiving... in Joplin Mo.

It will be a race among my family!

I think right now I think there are about 10 of us that plan on running it.


I lost another 2.6 lbs this week.

I seriously am not sure how I am really doing it....

I kind of stopped tracking my points.

I just try to aim for smarter food choices and eat much smaller portions.

I guess I am running alot....

And getting good work outs in.

Lets hope it continues...

10 lbs away from wedding/high school weight!

Ready to go 5k it up!

y awesome sister n law and best brother around sent me this awesome, Nike stay warm, running shirt for my birthday (along with another awesome dry fit shirt) and it came just in time for my 58 degree, windy, 8 am run!  

I LOVE it!  

I admit when I saw they bought me size Large I was a little nervous.  

But they fit great... 

I guess Sarah, who I havent seen since last December (OMG Is that true?!?!) knows my current size better than I do! ha! 


  1. Your awesome numbers that you bring every week motivate me to try harder!! Keep up the great work! And I love that your fall is packed with 5K's!

  2. GO YOU!! I finally got time to catch up on your blog and it's so fun!! I am T-15 weeks from a mom of two....under two...for two months anyways. Gah.
    I marvel at your achievements and can't wait to be in a hopefully similar place a few months after our son's birth.
    Keep it up, but remember to enjoy life too ;-) which it sounds like you do have good moderation from the birthday post I read :-)
    ps. we are moving back to wouldn't it be super fun if we did a run in Columbia next fall together or something! our paces seem right on par, I generally shoot for sub-10 miles.

    1. That might be a fabulous idea! My bff still lives in Columbia and I really need to get out there more to visit her! If you find any great races when you are ready let me know!!



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