Monday, September 3, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 12

I was pretty shocked this week.

After losing 3 lbs last night I thought for sure this would be a minimal loss if at all...

But I some how pulled out a 2.2 lb loss.

43 lbs total so far.

This week I found a new running spot...

Route 66 State park.

Its near Leah's daycare so I visited it after dropping her off in the mornings before I start work on my WAH days.  (I hope to do a Life as a Working Mom: Working at Home post soon.)

Eureka is in the middle of working on a massive, city wide, trail system, which I hope I continue running, build up my distance, and can really take advantage of it some day!

Anyways, I can start at a city park, take the trail over to Route 66 park, and loop around the park once, and head back to my car for a nice 2.7 miles.

My goal this week is to do 2 loops around the park on Wednesday and make it 4.7 miles... we will see.

I slacked with 30 Day Shred this week.  ... I only have 6 more days.... I just have to get them in... soon!

Boot Camp at work started up.

Its no 30 Day Shred...

But it is a great workout.

Its nice to have an in person instructor there as well to correct my technique...

And other people around which makes my competitive side kick in...

Or make me realize that not only can I not jump, but I also am a horrible jump roper!

This week also consisted of my longest run to date...

Both on the treadmill and on land.

4.5 miles (4.75 with warm up and cool down) on the treadmill.

4.15 miles thru the neighborhood.

Food-wise... I had some successes and struggles.

Its my birthday week and my mother bought me this...


Its a Toasted Coconut Gooey Butter Cake and seriously the most amazing thing I have ever tasted.

I have had about a 4th of it... and plan to take the rest to work tomorrow so I can stop making myself sick on it.

This weekend Leah and I had a Mommy & Leah afternoon which consisted of my first real fast food meal and frozen yogurt.

I was very happy with my cheeseburger, small fries, and super small frozen cheesecake yogurt (with snickers, graham cracker crumbs, and white chocolate chips).

My tummy was not so happy with the fast food.

Hopefully its another 12.5 weeks before I have anymore.

I did indulged a bit more at a surprise party we attended, and had a few drinks...

But it probably was still less than what I would have eaten before I had this weight loss on my mind.

Hopefully I can continue to make wiser choices as I finish out my birthday week.

Saturday is the 5k and I am getting super excited just to see how I do.

I feel like I am preparing for my first game or something!


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