Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

I have been slacking in the picture taking world lately.  Poor 2nd child Emily has had zero pictures taken during her 4th month of life with anything besides my phone.  I hope to fix that this weekend and in the future month with a trip to the zoo and typical October activites.  Pumpkin Patch, Harvest Festival, Halloween, OH MY!

I ran a 5K the other day in 30:16.  So. Freaking. Close. I will get to under 30 minutes... and soon!

Our U-Verse main reciever "fried" according to the AT&T repair guy. It stopped working Sunday and the first available time a guy could come out was today, Friday. He told me we lost all of our previously recorded items. The news... was heartbreaking! We lost so many of Leah's favorite movies that we had recorded. My recording of the New Girl premiere from this past week, the only real show I watch, that I have been waiting very inpatiently for... gone! So sad... in more ways than one.

Last Friday I attended my first game of neighborhood Bunco. I am still unsure what to think.  It reminded me of college... walking to the "party" with my beer.  This time I am a little wiser and carried it in a cooler.  It was fun meeting so many ladies. There is definitely a wide variety in the group.  I met quite a few Creative Expression (The girl's daycare) mommas and I probably fit in best with them. In the neighborhood we have yet to find a girl that Leah will be in Kindergarten with.  Plenty of boys, but no girls yet.  Emily on the other hand, there are 5 baby girls in the neighborhood now that will all head off to Kindergarten together.  As for the game it was a bit boring for my taste... I need to test my skills a little more than just rolling a dice! But it was nice to get away and have some girl/Mommy talk. I had a nice buzzed walk home (something about a walk home after drinking I LOVE!) at 10pm and I still had to put the girls to bed... Brian!

This morning Emily was a rolling fool! As soon as I laid her on her back she would immediately flip over.

At bunco, while talking to a stay at home momma to a 6 month old baby girl, who I guess is contemplating heading back to work started to ask me questions.  Initially she asked how much CXE costs. I told her... and she responded with "A week!? Do you just work to pay for daycare!?"  I was sort of thrown off by the question... No. I do not. I wasnt sure how to explain to her what I did (She had not asked), and that we make good salaries, without it coming off as "Girl I'm awesome and make tons!"  And then she went on to ask "Do you just think about your kids and miss them all day long!?" ... I was honest and said no... and then I felt like a crappy mom. I am happy to spend my time as Kim instead of Mom 24/7.

Ive been thinking about Halloween alot lately.  With Leah being almost 3, I was nervous to let her pick a costume out as I was sure that every trip to Target would result in her wanting to be something else. At daycare one day when I picked her up, on the board, each of the kid's names were written with what they wanted to be for Halloween.  One kid said he wanted to be "Taller", while Leah declared she wanted to be a cow. This was almost 2 weeks ago and she still says she wants to be a cow when I ask her about it.  She also requests that Emily be a baby cow. A Cow!? Ok...  I am all for dressing them alike this halloween! I am sure it is something that will not happen often in the future.  I ordered Emily a 8 dollar cow costume from Carters yeterday... Leah on the other hand, every cute cow costume I can find is over 30 dollars!! There must be a low supply for toddler cow costumes because the prices are higher... but every other animal possible, there are tons, and cheap! 
This will be Emily next month... Who knows what Leah will look like.
Leah's birthday is another thing I have been contemplating alot lately... I originally wanted it at Chuck E Cheese or The Little Gym... but now I am thinking of just staying home again... Mid to late Nov... the weather could be anything in STL.  Should we try just renting a bounce house for the backyard, pizza, and cupcakes? Or stick with the whole "somewhere else" so I do not have to clean... she's only turning 3...but I want to do something for her and her little friends! I need to decide soon!
This past weekend we painted the basement and office. No longer a beige house!! Now I just want to paint every room! Next big sale at Sherwin Williams I am shipping the girls off again and getting my paint on! Master bedroom, the girl's rooms, the Loft, bathrooms... its all happening sometime!
Which by the way, this past weekend, the girl's nearly killed my parents.  My mom came over at 8:30am and picked up the girls.  We had planned on them keeping them all day and night...  But when I talked to my mom at 6pm, I could hear it in her voice that she was spent and wasnt sure they would all be surviving the night. Leah was not remembering to use the potty and peeing all over the house.  Emily seemed to have an upset tummy, and everytime Emily would finally fall asleep for a nap, Leah would find a way to get to her and wake her back up... So although I was exhausted from painting all day and wanted to just take a bath and crawl into bed, I told her she could bring the girls home.  The last and only time we have been away from them over night was when we sent Leah to my parents and Emily to my in-laws... I guess that will just have to be the way we do it for a bit longer... My mom always likes to say "There is a reason you are supposed to have your kids in your 20s!"



  1. Silas wants to be a cow too! I am having a terrible time finding a toddler costume that costs less than $45. I keep telling Wade that we need to make a decision soon if we want to order one. I think I might scope out the consignment stores.

    1. How weird!! I just checked out ebay and there looks to be some options! I found a used Old navy one (size 4t) that I might just buy instead of bidding on it because we need it in a few weeks for Halloween fair at their school... you might want to give ebay a try!

  2. Pumpkin Patch yea!!!!!

    Do not feel guilty about being Kim AND Mommy!! With baby #4 on the way I have been contemplating what will be best for our family and I have ALWAYS been a working Mom and proud of it! You make the right choices for your family and stick your tongue out at anyone who snubs you for that :-)

    Loving the wall color too!!!

  3. Kim, Have you already bought the cow costume? Melanie was the same thing last year. It would fit Emily. It's yours if you want it!

    1. bummer, I did! I could always return it to the carters store though... what size is your costume? Em is in 3-6 months right now.



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