Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eureka Days

(Pictures are really out of order... and I am too lazy to move them around. )
This past weekend was Eureka Days!  I am beginning to LOVE Eureka more and more for all the small town aspects it offers, yet we are still part of St. Louis county!

We attended the Parade with our neighbor friends... Matt, Katie, and Grace!  We love that Leah has someone to grow up with and Brian and I have another couple to hang out with!  Katie and I even were asked to join a neighborhood Bunco group! I am super excited for it!

Leah actually rode a few rides!!
And she made me go down the slide with her... it was terrifying walking up those steps and then coming down with Leah! I kept thinking I was going to let go of her and she was just going to fall right off... Leah immediately said she wanted to go again when we got to the bottom.  Luckily we were out of ride tickets!

Awesome fair food!  BBQ Chicken Tacos, fresh salsa and celantro... amazing!  Beats those traditional fair food treats any day!
The girls begging for candy!  Leah now LOVES parades.  Matt was saying how he tried to explain what a parade was to Gracie, "Cars drive down the street and throw out candy." and he said he looked at him in amazement and said "Are you serious!?"   The girls loved it!

How Emily spent the day.... She just loved being outside all day.


  1. Awww.. I enjoyed the pics. I have GO TO GET out more and start going to these things. Eureka is so close and I should start exposing my kids to more. We do the STL Downtown St. Pat's Parade with them and Eckerts - but I am dumb... LOL... Thanks for sharing and Bunco - woot woot - good luck:)

  2. Melanie - Where are you at?! Eureka does TONS of events! Pretty much 1 a month! They have a Harvest Moon Festival Oct 13th with free kids activties, hayrides, music, chilli cook off, and bonfire! Plus a 7pm 5k that I plan to run in!



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