Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Potty Chronicles: About 6 weeks in

I know you are all just dying to know how Leah's doing in the world of underwear.

We are about 6 weeks into the adventure...

You can catch up on the beginning, 3 day, No Diapers, Mommy have a HUGE meltdown and cry more than the toddler, posts below:

Day 1
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Since the intial go round, Leah has definitely had her ups and downs.

She started off beautifully at daycare.

Minimal accidents.

A champ!

And then poop happened.


Changing/Cleaning poopy underwear is seriously the worst part of parenting yet!


We talk about it everyday...

The things I try to bribe her with are becoming insane!

Seriously, if she will just go on the potty she can do and have anything her heart desires!

I know this is a common thing with little ones...

Leah's bff up the street has the same issue.

Except she asks for a diaper, does her business and asks to be changed.

I am honestly not sure which is better....

I appreciate any and all ideas!!

So besides the poop problem, and me thinking daycare hates me for the said poop problem, Leah was doing great...

Until she wasnt.

All of a sudden she was having crazy amounts of accidents!

Like 5+ a day.

Brian and I were getting so frustrated!

We had no idea what to do.

This went on for a week...

She would occasionally have only 1 or 2 accidents and we were feeling better about it.

I thought maybe the "newness" was wearing off and she was having problems remembering to go...

That was until 1 thursday evening when I noticed that when she did make it to the potty she would only go a little bitty bit.

Then have an accident like 10 minutes later.

Then the next morning she woke up crying.

She tried to use the potty twice but nothing came out.

And she was crying that her belly and bottom hurt.

I knew something was up.

As soon as the doctors office opened I made her an appointment.

I was instructed to give her something to drink so that they could try to get a urine sample.

I figured... sure!

And then the doctor gave me a CUP to have her pee in!


A 2 year old, who is already having trouble going, peeing in this itty bitty cup!?

Lets just say an hr later, bribing her with stickers and candy, we got a sample and mommy had pee all over her hands.

Yep, horrible UTI.

So bad that the Dr. even gave her the first round of anitbiotics to make sure she got them in her asap!

I felt horrible for not catching on to it earlier...

That week of multiple accidents were all a symptom.

She just finished up antibiotics.

But we are still struggling with a few accidents a day.

Usually 1 pee and 1 poop...

Oh and her new daycare teacher, who only taught her class of almost 3 year olds (who are all supposed to be potty trained) for 1.5 weeks, who has a bachelors degree in education, quit unexpectantly today...

When I heard the news I immediately thought that Leah's poop did her in!

Seriously! (Just had to add another in there)

I know it will get better...

I would prefer sooner rather than later...

Because I seriously (#800?) hate doing laundry!


  1. Ugh sorry for all of your frustrations! I am absolutely no help, as my guy is only a year old. But I'm dreading the potty training days! Poor babe with a UTI :[ Hope she is feeling better. Keep on truckin, momma.

  2. POOP!!!!!!! Oh man.. I wish I had some advice. UTI's are awful as well. When potty training Elle - she had a spot of accidents right after starting the training then she picked up like a champ.

    Wes now he is over 2 - doesn't tell us at all about the potty and the other night he was in the shower - yes he loves to take a shower while I stand outside of it. HA. He was crying he had to poop - went to the potty and then decided he didn't have to - just to squat and poop in the shower. GAH!!!! Fun times.

    I swear I say the hardest part of kids - the baby stage up at night, jar food, and potty training. Hoping she feels better.

    1. Oh man! Poop in the shower is definitely worse than poop in the undies! Im gagging! blah!

  3. Ugh! We had similar issues with pooping. What worked was doing a negative consequence rather than trying to reward. We took away his favorite blanket and his Mickey mouse (his lovee). We only had to do it once, and we've been mostly poop accident free since then.

    Good luck!

    1. Hmm thanks! I will have to give that a try... now what does she love!?



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