Sunday, August 5, 2012

Potty Chronicles: Day 3

Lets just say it was about 100% better.

I was more relaxed.

Leah was more relaxed.

We stopped using the timer and forcing her to sit on the potty.

I just let Leah go at her speed.

If we were going to have a normal life again she would have to begin to stop and go on her own, without me harassing her or watching the clock.

I would give her a few reminders...

"Lets keep our undies dry!"

"Remember to stop and use the potty if you feel like you need to go."

And she would.

No accidents all morning long, except for one instance of beginning to go before stopping herself.

She even napped and woke up dry!

This kid seriously amazes me.

My previous meltdown from the day before made Brian and I realize that I need a break and desperately need a good night of sleep.

It had been 8+ weeks of getting up with a new born and months of horrible sleep prior.

My parents came to pick Leah up about 330 to take her for the night and were planning on heading out swimming.

(We separated the girls for the night.  We did not want to traumatize any grandparents with worrying about a newly potty trained toddler peeing all over their house while not getting any sleep with Emie)

My mom reported this morning that Miss Leah had only 2 accidents yesterday!!!!!

1 while eating dinner... just too darn busy eating to think about using the potty.  I expect accidents like this and I know they will come.

And another in the middle of the night... because my mom let Leah refuse a pull-up or diaper and let her go to bed in her undies.  Brave Grandma!

But come on! That one was an obvious accident too!

I know there is no real way of knowing if Leah had an accidents while swimming, but only 1 accident during the day is AWESOME!!!

Don't want to jinx anything today but we are currently on zero accidents, and napping in our undies!

We even went out in public (to Chuck E Cheese as Leah's reward for being a big girl) and no accidents!

This girl can seriously hold it together! ;)

I am excited for Leah to go to daycare tomorrow and feel even prouder when she tells them that she no longer needs diaper changes and she "gets to use the potty with her friends" as she says.

I know it will be another huge confidence boost!

But I will still pack 5 changes of clothes with her tomorrow just in case.


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