Saturday, August 25, 2012

Catching Up

  • I have been meaning to write more and catch up on so much, but since returning to work every day feels like a marathon.  I hope to write up a day in the life post soon... 
  • Leah's potty training is.... going.  We are averaging 1 accident a day.  She does awesome at school where I think she likes to go often simply because that means 1 on 1 attention from the teachers but at home she will start to do her little potty, leg crossed, dance and will not always stop to go.  Or she refuses to poop on the potty.  I know its VERY common, but O-M-G! 
  • Emily is sleeping pretty well at night.  Usually up only once in the 2 oclock hour... as long as I give her a dream feed before I head to bed. 
  • Speaking of sleep, potty training has ruined Leahs.  She is still in pull ups at night, but she wakes up from the feeling of needing to go, and will just go in her pull up, but will come and get Brian or I to go put her back to bed.  Sometimes its multiple times per night!  And she is waking up really early too for the same reason.  It makes her a crabby little thing!  
  • Emily is really starting to love her hands.  They are in her mouth at every chance.  I have started to put pull tab blankies, or little toys on top of her so she can work on grabbing on to them and pulling them in her mouth. She is getting better by the day!   Honestly I cannot wait till she can control those crazy hands & arms.  They are such jerks sometimes! 
  • Leah started Soccer Shots at daycare.  She LOVES it.  And according to her teachers she pays attention very well, does everything she is asked to do, and yells at her friends if they are not listening or doing what they are supposed too.   I was also curious if paying to put her in anything so young would be a waste or not.  So often they will just cry and want nothing to do with it.  I am proud to report that Leah is the opposite! SCORE! 
  • I have been thinking about Leah's 3rd birthday party lately... because OMG its in like 12 weeks!  I cannot decide between The Little Gym or Chuck E Cheese.  Leah loves Chuck E Cheeses, and its a bit cheaper, but it can get so crowded and then the kids will not even be kept together and they will all go off on their own.  At The Little Gym we will have the place to ourselves and the babies will also be able to participate in the fun. Thoughts?  I want to decide soon so we can get a prime 10:30, before nap, time! 
  • My baby sister moved away to college last week. Its very strange.  It has made me think back to the amazingness that is college and how I miss those fun days and nights with my roommates!  I miss Cape! 
  • And that's all I got because a certain 2 year old wants me to cuddle with her!  Peace Out!


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