Monday, August 13, 2012

Body After Baby: Week 9

2.4 more lbs gone.

Biggest loss I have had in a while...

And all thanks to a stomach bug I had Saturday.


The rest of the week I actually slacked with counting my points.

I missed a few runs too.

One night I was just way too tired, another night we hung out at a neighbors house instead, and another night when I went to head out and realized that there was a gas leak in the neighborhood (and power outage) so I stayed home to hear what was going on, chat with neighbors, and ya know... not get super sick from the gas smell.

So yes... I think this is all the result of the stomach bug.

This week I will get back on track...

Because if I do not, I fear I will completely fall off.

I did however begin level 2 on the 30 Day shred.

OMG it hurts!

But it is all movements that I have never tried before so I actually like doing it.

I hurt in places I have never hurt before!!

And I have finished the C25K program!


Now I just will be heading out, and running for a set amount of time of time.

...which is hard!  I am pretty bad at judging how far I can go in a set amount of time.

My first time out I tried a new route and my 30 minutes were up WAY earlier than I planned....

I had to keep running home simply because I did not want to walk that far!

I am pretty slow right now... I'm just under a 12 minute mile so for me to reach any sort of goal of running 5+ miles, I need to get faster.

Brian laughed at that.

He pointed out that his ex-cross country runner self once ran 2 miles in 12 minutes!

I told him to shut his mouth unless he went out and ran a mile in less than 10 minutes now...

This week I head back to work too....

I cannot decide when/how I plan to workout on the days that I actually head into the office.

There is a gym at my office... with workout classes at lunch that I can do.

It is also located in downtown St. Louis and could be great entertainment while running.

You see people running all the time....

But you also see alot of bums.

I just cant decide if I want to take my lunch time to work out, work out for a bit before I leave, early in the mornings before I head in, or late at night...

Right now I am thinking workout before I leave the office so that I can keep my lunch open to study...

We will just have to see what I settle into...

It will definitely be a challenge coming up!


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