Friday, August 31, 2012

Life as a Working Mom: At the Office

3:00am - I wake up and realize that Emily has not yet been up. Brian stirs as well and I share the news with him.  
3:50am - Jinxed myself. She's up.  I head upstairs to give her a bottle and a little rocking. 
4:13am - I head back to bed. 
4:20am - She starts to fuss again. I sent Brian up to check on her. 
4:30am - He returns. 
4:37am - Fussing again. My turn. 
4:50am - Finally crawling back into bed with the hope of sleep. 
5:00am - Alarm goes off... time to exercise!  Screw that today! 
6:15am - I never hear Brian's alarm go off at 5:50, and finally wake up.  Jump in the shower to rinse off, spray some Dry Shampoo in the hair (Seriously my new favorite thing! I actually get angry when I actually have to shampoo, blow dry, and fix my hair now), make up, and dressed for the day. 
6:40am - Get the girls up.  Usually a bottle for Em first, then we head to Leah's room if she is still sleeping. She seems to wake up in a much better mood if her sister wakes her up. 
6:50am - Get the girls dressed.  I let Leah pick out Em's clothes. She usually wants to match whatever she happens to have been dressed in. 
7:00am - Out the door.  Brian currently takes Em to his parents. 
7:05am - Leah and I are usually a few minutes behind Brian out the door.  Of course last minute Leah always wants something new to take with her.  We are off to school.
7:15am - Entering construction traffic on the highway.  It adds an extra 20 minutes to my commute right now. 
7:50am: 29 miles later, finally get off the highway.
7:58am - quick little walk from the parking garage to my office, across the street from the beautiful St. Louis Union Station. 
8:00am - Finally settled in at my office.  Pull out my breakfast.  Check my emails.  Finally feel like I can catch my breath! Time to get busy.  Query writing, excel doing.... 

10:00am - Typical meeting time.... since I do not actually do any day to day work with a single person in my office, ALL of my meetings are on the phone.
11:15am - If its Tuesday or Thursday, its time for boot camp.  Otherwise its time to munch on Lunch while I work.
1:00pm - Fridays, time to run.  This particular day I ran 4.5 miles, at a 10 minute pace, and walked another 0.25 miles in my warm up and cool down.  Yep, Im awesome! 

2:00pm - Back to my desk. Try my best to cool down. 
2:30pm - Study time!

4:30pm - Time to call it quits.  Ready to end my time as Kim and start back up my job of Mommy/wife.

5:00pm - If I need too, pick up Leah from daycare. 
5:15pm - Home sweet home. 
5:30pm - Time to start dinner while trying to keep the girls entertained and happy. 
6:15pm - Brian usually gets home.  I immediately hand Emily over to him so I can finish up dinner. 
6:35pm - Time to fill our bellies. 
7:00pm - Bedtime for Em. Bath (if its a bath night), PJs, swaddled, rocked. Placed against the far wall of her crib because she is crazy and needs to rub her head/face against something.  Whatever gets her to sleep...  
7:20pm - Leah time.  Sometimes I am spoiled and Brian and Leah continue playing until I ruin the fun with making her get in the bath or get ready for bed.  But sometimes I get some one on one time with my girl by going for a walk outside, watching a show with her, or hanging out in the loft. 
8:00pm - First attempt to get Leah to start going to bed.  It usually fails. 
8:30pm - Second attempt to get Leah ready for bed.  Pjs on and mommy reads a book or two to her. 
8:45pm - Good night hugs and kisses, "I love yous" and a lecture about how we need to stay in our bed until the sun comes up.  I get sent to get daddy who "scares away the monsters" and lays with her.  I head down stairs to clean up, get bottles ready for Em, pack my lunch and clothes for the next day, do a little laundry, and veg out for a new minutes. 
9:15pm - Give Em a dream feed of 4 oz.  Check on Brian and Leah if I havent heard Brian come out of her room yet.  Its becoming pretty common that I find Brian passed out with her.  This particular time he didnt even wake up to my pokes and shakes.... so I let him be. 
9:30pm - In bed, passing out!


  1. Wow! You have quite the day, Momma. And I thought MY day was crazy ;] And I have to awhhhh at your hubby falling asleep in your little girl's bed. That is the cutest thing ever.

  2. You are a machine! The most impressive part is where you take time in your work day to squeeze in a workout. Props to you!

  3. WOW - I'm tired just reading this! I'm a stay-at-home-mom and I've always said that I don't know how working moms do it. You are amazing! And even fitting in a work-out at lunch time? Double amazing!

  4. I always tell people at work that I feel like I've run a marathon already by the time I get there. Well not so much anymore since things have slowed down a bit but YOU get the medal! I'm exhausted just reading it all!

  5. Girl, I'm exhausted just reading about your day! I'm so impressed that you get a workout in during your lunch break.

  6. Count me in as someone else who is tired just reading that! You are a warrior, woman!

    - Brenna (a fellow Fit Camper)

  7. You just gave me pretty bad flash backs, lol. I have three and my youngest is 4 so it does get easier in some ways :)
    Ang from fit camp

  8. Oh I love the fact you put them down and they stay there....but do NOT miss ggetting up during the night!! :)

  9. Fun to read about your busy day as a working mom. You are in the BUSY time of life...but it is packed with fun and sweetness with those adorable children. I promise you will look back and smile! Love the photo of your daughter in the car with the sun rays streaming in.

  10. My youngest is 10 months. I remember counting down to days until she hit 4 months old, so we could start sleep training. It worked wonders with both of my babies and made me the happiest person alive to get uninterrupted sleep!

  11. Lady, you are one busy mama! It looks like our days at work are exactly the same. Same phone and computer, too. Our eyes are forever ruined by Excel, right? Your girls are adorable!! :)

  12. Holy Shnikees mama - you ROCK. I love the pic at the office - that is my office face too. LOL... I am from St. Louis too and my mama works across the street from there too. It is still so beautiful. Loved reading about your day.

  13. Thanks so much for linking up with us. You work right down the street from me. :-) I work in the Eagleton Courthouse. Your daughter is adorable. She looks likes she's around the same age as my son. :-)



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