Friday, August 3, 2012

Potty Chronicles: Day 1 Continued & Day 2

Leah actually woke up from her nap dry!

But that is where the success pretty much ended.

About the same time she woke up, Brian came home with Emie.

I sent Emie to my mom's so that I could focus fully on potty training Leah.

With the chaos of dinner, putting Emie to bed, and playing with her daddy, Leah ended the day with 3 more accidents.

Total count for day 1: 5 accidents, 2 successes in the potty.

I actually put Leah in a pull up over night.

She refused it at first.

But this momma is already sleep deprived and really did not want to deal with changing the sheets multiple times thru-out the night.

I already know she cannot stay dry over night, there is no reason to make this more miserable on anyone.

But I wanted to stay true to "NO diapers!"


Pull ups it is.

Day 2.

We were almost off to a great start.

Notice how I said "almost"

As soon as she got up she went straight to sitting on the potty.

I always have to pee as soon as I wake up, I figured she would too!

Um no.... I guess when you freely pee all night long its not the same.

An hour and a half later we had an accident.

Then another 20 minutes later.

And a "threat" of pooping and refusal of the potty.

And Emie needed a bottle.

My mom offered to watch Em again if I felt overwelmed or thought Leah needed more attention.

She did not answer her phone.

So I broke my main rule of "no diapers".

I felt like a huge failure as a mom.

And I had an all out meltdown, anxiety attack.

Somehow I calmed down a bit while feeding Em.

I guess holding babies really does have a calming power.

I went back upstairs to see Leah.

She willing took her diaper off...

Wet, but not poopie.

And sat back on her potty willingly.

She was back to wanting to be a big girl!

My mom called soon after and told me she was coming over and kicking me out.

As soon as we got off the phone Leah successfully used the potty for the first time all day!

I headed out to grab lunch and did a little shopping.

I came home feeling slightly better and heard about 2 accidents, including a poopie failure & bathtime, and 1 success!

The rest of the afternoon has been full of success/failures.

She seems to start going, realize "oh crap! Im peeing!!", stops it, hurries to the potty, and then continues.

I guess this is progress....

We have talked about how we need to work on keeping our undies dry and try to make it to the potty in time.

And she seems to be understanding.

I was in the other room trying to get Em to calm down and all of a sudden Leah yells "Mommy! I peed in the potty!"

I wasnt too hopeful and just replied "lets see..."

Sure enough she had gone and had dry undies!!

Later she went outside to play with Brian for a bit...

As soon as she came in she said "I need to pee!"  and headed right to her potty.

We are getting there....

Hopefully tomorrow is even better....

With alot less tears from all both of us!

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  1. Your account sounds like 100% success compared to our potty training attempts! We have tried a day here and there, and just keep realizing Laura isn't ready. Maybe someday!



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