Thursday, August 2, 2012

Potty Chronicles: Day 1

I mentioned in an early post how frustrated I was with the fact that Leah still was not potty trained...

I knew she could do it.

It was just committing to going cold turkey on diapers.

Daycare is closed tomorrow and today is her usual day with my mom...

I was determined to give the 3 day potty training challenge a try.

I bought all the supplies...

A new little potty for her.

Rewards (candy and small toys)

Activities to be stuck indoors for 3 days straight.

New undies.

New books.

And I was terrified/excited.

This morning started off with showing her all the goodies.

She was most excited about the reward basket for going.

She was eager to take her diaper off and get started.

She did not go to the bathroom until 10:20am!

Even after 4 drinks!

And it was an accident on the carpet.

It discouraged her.

It discouraged me.

She wanted nothing to do with the potty for a while after that...

But at 11 I made her sit on the potty again...

And she went!!!

She was SOOOOOOOOO proud of herself!

She kept saying "I can do it!"

I wanted to cry seeing how proud she was of herself!

From then on she was all about sitting on the potty randomly.

She would try to go more, saying things like "It wont come out!" and pushing on her belly.

At 1 she even stopped what she was doing and ran over to sit on the potty!


I thought for sure she would go again soon after because she was drinking nonstop.

As soon as she went she would go down for a nap...

Well 3 oclock rolls around and she still had not gone, even after multiple "attempts" from her.

She throws an awesome tantrum...

Runs to the corner to pout...

And pees on the floor.

It was an accident... but only because of the tantrum and lack of nap.

I'm not disappointed at all.

I should have expected that.

Now she is napping in her bed...

With a naked bottom.

She refused a pull up.

I am terrified how this will end...

But she does have some sort of crazy ability to hold it in!

Stay tuned...

Or not...

I'm not sure who all really wants to read about potty training a 2 year old...

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